Repeat Prescriptions

These can be requested by:h

  1. Do Not come to the practice to drop off your repeat prescription during Covid-19 pandemic please either:-
  2. By post enclosing a SAE.
  3. By phone –phone 01360 327300 and select option 2 – give your name and date of birth and any items you require from your repeat prescription. If you choose to speak to a Patient Assistant to order your prescription please telephone after 6.00pm.
  4. Please nominate a local pharmacy and your prescription will be sent to them in 48 hours for you to collect, in some case they may also offer a delivery service. Please contact your local chemist for info.
  5. Online via Patient Access – ONLY ITEMS ON REPEAT CAN BE ORDERED – (any other items see above options) if you are already registered this  option will be available to you.  Patients wishing to register please call at reception for registration details.

Please allow 48 hours between request for your repeat prescription and collection. Owing to demands of time, it is difficult to produce repeat prescriptions in less than 48 hours and requests for urgent prescriptions should be made only in exceptional circumstances and we cannot guarantee these will be processed same day requested.

Please do not order your medication too early as your request may be declined.  Please do not stockpile any medication.

Your local pharmacy can issue emergency supplies of some medication, please check with them if needed urgently.

When to see your Pharmacist

Pharmacies can help with a range of common conditions and minor injuries, such as aches and pains, urine infections, cystitis, colds and skin rashes.  Minor health problems like these lead to around 57 million GP consultations per year.  We could save ourselves and GP’s time if we went to the Pharmacy instead.  No appointment is needed.  If you have one of these common conditions, your pharmacist can give advice and medicines, if appropriate.  Your pharmacist can also tell you if you need to see a GP.

Here are a few other ways your local pharmacy may be able to help:

  • the morning after pill – this can work for up to 72 hours after sex, but the sooner you take it, the more likely it will work
  • Urine Infections – women  between 16-65 with frequency and have not been treated for a recent UTI
  • Impetigo – aged over 2 years
  • Pregnancy Tests – most pharmacies sell pregnancy test kits
  • needle and syringe exchange services

Some Pharmacies also run a minor ailment scheme that deals with specific ailments.  Your pharmacist will be able to assess your needs, give you advice, suggest medicines if appropriate, and refer you to your GP if necessary.