Data Protection

As our practice provides health care services, ours staff need to collect information about you so that you can receive proper care and treatment with our decisions based on our most current, complete and accurate information available about you. Under the Data Protection Act, the law also requires that the information we hold must be up to date, so you may be asked the same questions over the years time and time again. Try not to be bothered by this as it does have a very real purpose, which is to provide the highest standard of care we can.

Everyone working within the NHS has a legal duty to keep all information about you confidential. All of our staff members and teams are bound by this rule of confidentiality. At all times great lengths are taken to ensure high standards of confidentiality are maintained in respect of all the information we hold about you. Prior to recording or using your information we will always obtain your consent. Unless you sate otherwise, no relative or any other person has any right to information we hold and we will not give it to them.

You can access all your own confidential information and have the right to be told what information is held about you.